Diplomat Fireproof Safe 060 EHK


Safe Operation: Combination Dial and Key
External Size: H660 x W470 x D510 (mm)
Internal Size: H480 x W350 x D300 (mm)
Fire Rating: 1.5 Hours NT-017 Fire Resistance
Weight: 80 kg
Capacity: 51 Litres
Shelf: 1 Height Adjustable Shelf
Drawer: 1 Top Lockable Drawer
Package Content: 1 x Diplomat Safe 060

Diplomat Safe 060 fits A4 arch files and includes 1 top lockable drawer and 1 height-adjustable shelf
A total of 1 Million different combinations are needed to crack the code
Combination codes are fixed
The profile of the door comes with a multi-curvature design which prevents water or other liquid seepage into the interior
3 way solid locking bolts prevent door from being pried open when fortified hinges are forcefully cut
Good precision fitting between the body frame and door provides air-tight construction that prevents smoke and heat from reaching the inside contents


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