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KRIF (GH) LTD. has steadily developed a viable and rewarding business in the supply, installation and maintenance of money handling and counterfeit detecting machines. We have single-handedly popularised the use and availability of these money processing machines that have virtually become the standard equipment for both small and medium enterprises.

Our brands on offer are the, TALY Series for both notes and coins, OLYMPIA Series of money counting machines carefully researched and accepted for the West African market.

These brands have been developed to meet the peculiar requirements of our clients including Banks and Financial Institutions/Associations, Super Markets, Gas Stations, Educational Institutions, etc.

We provide only reliable, accurate and efficient currency note counters/verifiers at competitive prices to all who count money so that they can benefit and derive maximum satisfaction from the use of these products.

Routine maintenance and emergency visits are free of charge during the first six months after purchase.

Our well equipped technical department is staffed with qualified and customer-friendly technicians who offer efficient after Sales service 6 days a week.


Customers will find on offer a range of recognised brands of office cabinets, safes, paper binders and paper guillotine, digital photocopiers, fax machines, paper shredders from SHARP of Japan, Diplomat of Korea, Uchida of Malaysia, to mention a few.


We are representatives of Spanish company, Tecnoexpress, manufacturers of top notch security and banking products such as vault doors, secure entrance portals, bulletproof glass doors and more banking safes and cabinets.

You can also find a leading Korean brand for office/hotel/home safes, Diplomat Safes in all our outlets to satisfy your needs appropriately.


This is the one stop stationery super store designed to cater for both large and small users of stationery and other office accessories.

Our loyal clients who regularly shop at the Depot have a wide variety of world brands to choose from. This means you get to buy quality at affordable prices for sought after brands right here in Ghana.

The convenient locations of The Stationery Depot in Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi present a reachable spread for everyone.

We welcome orders by fax and email which will be processed and delivered to your doorstep (Accra/Tema Metropolitan area, free of charge).

Our motto: Krif, totally committed to your satisfaction.

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